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About FNQ Apartments

We are Brenda and Owen Campbell and we bought FNQ Apartments in January 2010. We live in Cairns and we LOVE it here.

Country Queenslanders (southerners), we each come from professions outside of the tourism industry but have valued travel and experiencing all that Australia and the world offers. But, our greatest love has been for tropical Far North Queensland. The region just has so much to offer that we never cease to be amazed at her majesty. Take a look for yourself at just a fraction of things that we love to do in and around Cairns.

We have three gorgeous and talented daughters, all grownup and following their own passions. We have an equally talented dog whom lives with us in Cairns and guards the office from people who try to escape from FNQ….that means she’s not terribly busy because once people get here, everyone loves FNQ and wants to stay.

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