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Added : January 14, 2016, 21:57 pm
Last Updated : April 20, 2016, 21:49 pm
Title : Cairns Great Barrier Reef Islands

There are several island paradises along in the Great Barrier Reef and visiting them can be a great way to experience the reef for those who aren’t keen on being on the water all day.

Close to Cairns and Port Douglas:

1)    Green Island – it has a 4/5 star resort on it but most people go on a daytrip (it takes approx. 45 mins).

Image courtesy of Tourism Queensland

2)    Fitzroy Island – the resort still seems to be under receivership so unfortunately it hasn’t been as well utilised as other islands. It is a bigger island than Green Island with several walking trails and beaches (ask about its current status when you arrive).

3)    Double Island/Scouts Hat Island – these can be seen just off Palm Cove but they are private islands. Double Island can be rented out for approx. $20,000 a night so strictly for movie stars and the like!

4)    Low Isles – a beautiful marine park close to Port Douglas. Easily accessed by boat for a day trip and worth a visit if you like snorkeling etc.

There are a few others but they’re remote and/or private and/or expensive. As us more when you book your Cairns or Port Douglas accommodation with us.

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