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Added : May 02, 2017, 18:23 pm
Last Updated : May 03, 2017, 16:35 pm
Title : What is the Cairns weather like today?

It’s party weather!!  The days are warm, the nights are balmy, winter is on its way.  And winter Cairns weather means 5 months of fantastic sunshine, low humidity, day time temperatures of around 26 degrees and overnight of around 16 degrees.  Play time!!

Here are heaps of things for you to do in the area while the Cairns weather is spectacular and you are on holidays.

Winter time is festival time so break out your happy face, get your party gear on and play at this lot:-

You see, I wasn’t kidding when I said it is party time.

{{{INSIDER TIP: – book now for accommodation, hire cars and private transfers if you are in the area for any of the above dates, these book out quickly. And if you intend to be around for the Cairns Airport Adventure Festival, sorry to say it is just about all over red rover ‘cause there is not much accommodation left for the dates 10 to 12 June. To find out more on accommodation, give us a ring on 1300 731 620 or email info@fnqapartments.com}

Party time is not all about festivals and play in the tropics though, make the most of the gorgeous Cairns weather by being out and about.

Here is our list of top picnic spots:-

  • The Cairns Esplanade has barbecues and picnic table galore, you can even reserve them if you have a group travelling. At Muddies Waterpark and Playground there are picnic facilities close to where your kids will be playing. Perfection in a picnic!!
  • The Esplanades at Trinity Beach, Palm Cove and Port Douglas all have picnic facilities and are lovely spots. Palm Cove and Trinity Beach Esplanades also have kid’s playgrounds. In Port Douglas you will find a kids playground at Rex Smeal Park and you can also get off some fab photos there at one of the most photographed spots in Australia. You will recognise it when you see it.
  • Cairns Botanic Gardens have picnic tables and lots of shady areas, there are also picnic facilities in the gardens opposite.
  • Lake Placid is a great spot, just stay out of the water.
  • Harvey’s Creek south of Cairns (my favourite family spot) – pack your togs as well as your picnic for this one
  • Going to Green Island or Fitzroy Island, take a picnic
  • Pack your picnic backpack for any of the following and sit with your feet in a cool rainforest stream; Mossman Gorge, Josephine Falls, Babinda Boulders (plenty of picnic tables here)
  • Take a self-drive to Cape Tribulation and picnic right by the beach at any of the beaches along the way. I love Thornton’s Beach.

The weather is such a treat and the sea temperature so pleasing, you will want to be in the water as much as possible. It is low risk time for marine stingers however please stick to the patrolled swimming areas and only while the lifesavers are on duty. You will find patrolled swimming areas at all the beaches and if you find the great favorites like Port Douglas and Palm Cove are too busy, try Trinity Beach or Clifton Beach. You can even walk along to Clifton Beach from Palm Cove.

Other fab things to do include:-

  • Walk the rainforests – think Barron Gorge, Stoney Creek, Josephine Falls, Mossman Gorge, Barron Falls
  • Walk some sweet walking tracks around town; in Cairns do the red arrow at the Botanic Gardens, in Kuranda walk to Barron Falls or Jumrum Creek, in Palm Cove walk from the Jetty via the pathway near Sea Temple to Clifton Beach and back by the beach, in Port Douglas walk up the hill to the lookout or just walk the full length of the magnificent Four Mile Beach, at Trinity Beach try Earls Hill.
  • Climb a Mountain and find some cool views – try Mt Bartle Frere, Walsh’s Pyramid or Thornton’s Peak at Cape Tribulation.
  • Whale watching from mid-June to end of August you have every chance of seeing whales while on a day trip to the Great Barrier Reef. If you go out from Port Douglas mid-June to mid-July you could get very lucky and see Minke Whales. Worth a try for sure.

***LOCAL’S TIP***: If you are heading to the Atherton Tablelands for the day, make sure to schedule lunch at Granite Gorge, a private reserve near Atherton, and spend some time with the rock wallabies. They are tame and delightful and it could very well be the highlight of your stay.

***PS***: Before you go to Granite Gorge, schedule morning tea at Mt Uncle Distillery,  Bridges Café, the home of the award winning banana flour (seriously, this is true) and taste the Sexy Cat liqueur. You will not leave disappointed.

***PPS***: Paronella Park has a great vibe for just about anything and it was made for picnicking. You can take a picnic into the Park with you.

***PPPS***: If you would love to talk to a local about your holiday to the Cairns area, give me a ring on 1300 731 620 or drop me an email on info@fnqapartments.com I will be glad to help.

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