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Added : October 24, 2018, 13:37 pm
Last Updated : November 30, -0001, 00:00 am
Title : What’s To See Below the Sea

When is it safe to swim in the sea in tropical North Queensland? This is the question on everyone lips when they are considering booking a Christmas Holiday and it is the reason we suggest booking in a Resort with a great swimming pool.

We know you come to the Cairns area to relax and enjoy the heat and laid back vibe and we also know you are pretty keen to get to the Great Barrier Reef, see turtles and find Nemo. He doesn't know he is missing by the way!!

But is swimming in the sea safe in the summer months.

So, there are a couple of things to consider with the sea in north Queensland:-

  • What about marine stingers and 
  • What about crocodiles?

The answer to the question about crocodiles is a bit easier than the marine stingers however both have solutions.

With crocodiles here are the tips:-

  • Only swim at the patrolled swimming areas when the life savers are on duty
  • Never go into the sea at dawn or dusk
  • Never go into the water near a creek or river mouth
  • Be aware of the crocodile warning signs which are placed wherever a crocodile has been sighted, even if you can't imagine a croc could ever be there
  • If in doubt stay out or ask a local for more information

And here are the tips for marine stingers:-

  • From around the beginning of November, the stinger nets are in the water
  • Swim inside of these when the lifesavers are on duty!!!
  • Do not swim, paddle or let your little ones play on the edge of the water outside of the stinger nets
  • When you go to the Great Barrier Reef you will be provided with stinger suits - use them
  • Using the stinger suits is also great sun protection
  • if in doubt stay out, or ask a local for information
  • Lifesavers are a mine of information - ask.

Stay safe :)

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