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Raging Thunder - Afternoon Barron River Rafting
from $125

If you enjoy the odd ride on a rollercoaster then you will love the non stop action of white water rafting. Imagine jumping into a small boat, paddle in hand when your river guide yells to push off. Floating down the river you grip on to the side of the boat, white knuckled, only to realise that you are still in calm water.

Up ahead you can see the river suddenly drop away. What awaits you is............

We will leave the rest up to your imagination, only to say that if you enjoy a thrill with one of the best views in the world then you must try white water rafting with Raging Thunder. Raging Thunder is locally owned and operated by people who's lives have revolved around white water for many years.

Bottom line..... you will not only have a great time traveling with Raging Thunder but you can be guaranteed that a safe and exciting trip awaits you.

Rafting is available all year round.

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Tour Rates:


April 1, 2017 - March 31, 2018

Barron River Half Day Rafting (Self Drive)     Enter # Adult Enter # Child Enter # Family
AU$ 125.00
AU$ 125.00
AU$ 500.00
Barron River Half Day Rafting (With Transfers Cairns & Northern Beaches)     Enter # Adult Enter # Child Enter # Family
AU$ 138.00
AU$ 138.00
AU$ 552.00
Barron River Half Day Rafting (With Transfers Port Douglas)     Enter # Adult Enter # Child Enter # Family
AU$ 158.00
AU$ 158.00
AU$ 632.00
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Rafting Levy: $30.00 per person is included in quote provided

  • Rafting is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant
  • We highly recommend having your own travel insurance
  • Minimum age is 13 years and those under 18 must travel with a guardian or parent
  • If you have a medical condition or you are unsure that you are physically able to participate in the activity, we recommend that you consult with a medical practitioner
  • Prior to your rafting trip you will be required complete a medical questionnaire and sign our liability waiver (either online or on paper).
    The liability waiver forms part of the contract


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